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 Maya Ayashe Morales

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PostSubject: Maya Ayashe Morales   Maya Ayashe Morales I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 5:40 pm

Maya 'Ayashe' Morales

Maya Ayashe Morales Auralisstockjanuary05by

|20| White| Shape Shifter|

| Beast Form| Half beast form| (just picture her black instead of dotted)

Tattoo 1 | Tattoo 1 different angle | Tattoo 2 | Tattoo 3 | Tattoo 4 | Tattoo 5 | Tattoo 6

Basic Information;
Full Name: Maya 'Ayashe' Morales
Nicknames: Ayashe, meaning Little One, Kitten
Age: 20
Birth Date: 02-02-1992
Gender: Female
Race:Half- Caucasian/Half-Hispanic
Species: Shape Shifter
Sexuality: Bisexual
Religion: Wakan-Tanka (the Great Spirit)
Place of Birth: Spain – Minowis Clan
Place of Residence: Wherever her feet take her
Occupation: Shaman

Hair: Shoulder length, black curls
Eyes: A deep, dark brown
Build: Thin but strong. She isn't really weight-lifting muscular, her muscles come from physical labor. She is small, about 5'2, hence her nickname. Because of the muscles she weighs about about 115lbs.

Clothing&Style: Often clothes with pointy hoods in natural colors. This differs from dresses to vests and cargo pants. Maya seems to love loose cloths tied randomly around her waist, wrists of neck and the more little frills her clothes have, the better. She wears no make-up. When she is being called for Shaman business she’ll often wear something more traditional.

    Maya is a strange girl to see. Large and distant eyes with a penetrating stare beyond words, often looking at things others aren’t able to see. The girl always seems to be moving around; her walk is more of a bouncing frolick than an actual walk. Everything about her just screams she’s hyper. And well, weird.

    Underneath her clothing and hyper appearance she has a few very large tattoo’s. Maori style tattoo's that her clan gave her whenever she passed a test as a Shaman. The tattoo's are done the traditional style. She has one tattoo that's actually done with a gun, she placed this a few years after she left home.

    One other noticeable thing about Maya is that if she gets the chance, she will walk on bare feet. It doesn't really matter to her if she walks on grass, stones or sand, if the ground doesn't harm her feet, she will walk on bare feet. When she has to, she'll put on some sandals.


  • Music
  • Party all night long
  • Raves
  • Being in Leopard form
  • Any kind of physical contact
  • Dancing
  • Going into trance
  • Campfires
  • Sleeping underneath the stars
  • Living in hippie-communities
  • Climbing
  • Bright colors
  • Magic
  • Goofing around

  • Meat burned to death
  • Human society
  • Her assignment, because she hates being away from the clan
  • Being bored
  • Being alone
  • Cities
  • Small-minded people
  • Animal cruelty
Human form:

  • Maya is a trained shaman. She can enter a state of trance in which she can perform spirit healing. (this contains mentally or spiritually, she can't heal psychically)

  • In her trance state she can communicate with the spirits. This can be animal guides, ghosts, angels, demons etc.

  • Is able to communicate with her spirit animal guides. Either in or out the trance state. Her main spirit guide (totem animal) is a squirrel. She mostly has two or three power animals surrounding her, but the power animals verify. They come to her when needed. Since they are spirits, none of the animals have a physical manifestation.

  • She knows how to use her body. The girl is very flexible, small and strong; a combination she uses well.

  • Improved hearing and night vision

  • Spirit Mancer; basically means she can absorb a spirit’s essence into her body and control the spirit and its abilities.
As a shape-shifter from birth, Maya has one animal she can transform into: a black leopard. She can undergo half transformations, and full transformations.

Half-animal form:

  • In half-form she grows to 6'6 and is still able to stand on two legs. In this form she grows claws, a tail and leopard canines. As a half-animal she can jump to great heights and run incredibly fast. Because of her tail she stays really balanced. In this form she can still think as if she is human. As far as she is capable of that anyway.


  • When fully transformed Maya grows to a black leopard the size of small pony. There is a part of her that can still think clearly, but this part is suppressed. The leopard takes over. She thinks and acts like an animal in this form, perhaps a very bright one. She still has thoughts, but things as a conscience simply fade away. Animals survive and act on instinct, and so does she.

  • In this form she has a night vision that is six times better than that of a human and almost three times better as her half-animal form.

  • Claws and teeth that are made for ripping prey apart

  • Her fur is black as the night, so when the sun sets she is well camouflaged


  • Can stay in animal-form for only a few days, then is forced to transform back
  • In trance she loses all contact with her surroundings
  • She has spend too much time in animal-form, this damaged her brain. It basically means she often thinks more like an animal than a human, making it hard to function in society or communicate with others who aren't shape-shifters or hippies.
  • Likes her trance state and animal-forms too much and goes into these too often.
  • Often loses contact with reality. This means she starts talking out loud to her spirits guides or starts behaving like an animal.

  • Sleeps during the day, lives at night
  • Goes into trance or animal-form when she doesn't want to deal with daily life or emotions
  • Starts jabbering when nervous
  • Talks out loud to her totem, a squirrel. And does this alot...
  • Sniffs people's scent to learn what they are

  • Purrs when being pet
  • Licks her wounds
  • Can't seem to stop moving. When 'awake' she always bounces on her feet, taps her fingers and feet, flexes her muscles, tightens the muscles in her jaw etc. Even when she goes into trance she sways.


  • Return to her clan
  • Find a way to stay in animal-form forever

  • Humans
  • Guns
  • Lions
  • Never to return again to her clan
  • Modern society (even though she doesn't realize this herself. She just thinks she hates society while in reality she fears it)
    Maya is a strange little girl. She loves to party all night long and always does everything she can to escape from real life, society and reality. She uses her abilities as shaman to flee from everything she dislikes. She is able to communicate with her totem animal (a little squirrel she called bamboo, even though the squirrel doesn't appreciate being named like a pet), and talks with him quite frequent. She tends to do this out loud, so it appears she is talking to herself or some invisible friend.

    As long as Maya has enough parties to go to she is a very likable person. A cheerful girl who always makes people smile with her crazy cat-like behavior, even though for her it is the natural thing to do. She loves being around people and loves to be petted or hugged. When she isn't out to party she likes to eat, snuggle and just be with others. And when this isn't possible she prefers to be climbing trees, sitting around a campfire and listen to music. There isn't a single thing in the world she takes seriously. She just laughs and parties her way through life. This makes her a very extrovert and loud person. She loves to talk, and when given the chance, she'll won't stop doing it.
Parents' Marriage Status: Married
Mother: Juana 'Meda' Morales
Father: Alejandro 'Ahiga' Morales
Sibling: Twin brother; Javier 'Cheveyo' Morales

    Maya is born in Sierra Nevada, Spain. She was born into a clan of shape-shifters, that devoted their existence to the preservation of the ancient native american religion. Besides the daily life the clan, who called themselves the 'Minowis-clan' (literally translated it means 'Cat'), raised their children according to the ancient ways. They were raised to become familiar with the ancient religion, and all the knowledge of the Earth they could possibly need. From birth they were observed, to see what role would suit them best as they grew up. There was of course the high-chief, the high-queen, warriors, caretakers of animals, land and young ones. Each generation a few children with potential greater than others were born. These children were those who had the ability to travel between worlds, see truth through all the lies or other psychic abilities. And it were these children, that were destined to become the shamans of the clan.

    These kind of powers became clear at a very young age. And so they did for Maya. She always had been a strange baby. She cried more than others, did not like to eat or bathe and barely slept compared to other babies. She was only four years old when one of the shaman's noticed the young girl talking and playing with invisible friends. From that day forward Maya was trained to be the clans next shaman. At first she learned about nature and the skies. At the age of 10 she could navigate using nothing but the stars and knew exactly what plants were used for what.

    It was also at the age of 10 that Maya started to notice she was treated differently from the other children. They could go out to play after their lessons, while Maya's never seemed to stop. Her mentor said it was because she was destined to be the next shaman, and shamans should be more knowledgeable than warriors or caretakers. Maya didn't care.

    She told her twin brother about her problems with her teacher. Her twin brother, who was destined to become a warrior. Her brother was actually having some problems with the way of the clan himself, and so the two children made a pact. Maya would teach him about shamanism, and Javier would teach her about being a warrior.

    It turned out soon that the twins were yin and yang, fire and water, earth and sky. The could read and sense the other perfectly, and when they combined their powers, the two of them were more powerful than all the other children.

    Her brother was talented as a shaman, as Maya was talented as a warrior. So talented, the clan had to acknowledge it. By the time they were 13, both of them were trained as shaman and warrior.

    Years went by, and it was time for the ritual that would make them grown-ups, and officially take part in the clan as full-learned members. It was by the age of 16 that their children were tested. The test for shamanism was quite easy actually. They had to go into the mountains, climb the mountain tops to where the monks were and there they had to serve the Gods for a month. This was done by healing, performing rituals and exorcisms. But of them succeeded with ease. As a reward Maya was given her tattoo's, so everyone from the clan could now recognize her as the official Shaman.

    The test for the warriors on the other hand was harsh and brutal, almost cruel. The children were sent into the forest, where the homelands of another clan of shape-shifters lay. Unlike their clan, where all shape-shifters were feline, these shape-shifters werewolves. The clans had been in battle for centuries. The test was to find the other group of 16 year old shape-shifters who were doing the same test for adulthood, shift and kill. Those who succeeded the test were ought to bring back the head of their opponent, and those who failed died.

    Maya and Javier underestimated the test. They thought that with their shamanitic abilities they had an advantage, but how wrong they were. The wolves found them first, already shifted and attacked. Javier, who had shifted way more often than Maya had managed to shift and defend himself. Maya on the other hand... She only managed to shift to her half-form, giving her just enough time to run away. She fled back to the clan.

    The head of the clan didn't know what to do. Maya failed her test. This would mean she could never become a warrior of the clan, because he couldn't send her back into the forest alone. Still, Maya begged for another chance, which he gave her. She was given the task of travel. She had to travel the world to become a warrior. Gain knowledge, gain power and strength. He said to her that when she was ready to return as a Shaman Warrior, she would know.

    She left, all bright and optimistic that she could handle this. She set foot into the world, but soon found out that the world wasn't a pretty place. She has always grew up in the safety of the clan, and the harsh world overwhelmed her. It scared her to see how cruel humans could be. The girl forgot her mission, in search of somewhere safe.

    It was then she discovered the Rave-community. The people she met there were peaceful, loving, drugs-using hippies who welcomed her with open arms. They thought the cat-like girl was fascinating and welcomed her to live with them. Maya started using drugs. The safety of the community soon turned against her, as now she noticed these people were junkies, who could only be friendly as long as there were drugs. But by the time she realized that it was too late for her. Just as the rest of the community she was a junkie.

    It was a few months after that when she, for the first time in years, met another panther shifter. She soon was accepted into their pack, given the task of shaman once again. It felt like home to her, and with the safety of having a pack once again Maya quit the drugs, but with that... her task given to her by the clan as well. Don’t get me wrong; Maya has gained some serious strength in the last couple of years; but her free spirit seems to seriously lack the ability to take responsibility for who and what she is.

Maya Ayashe Morales Akirasig

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Maya Ayashe Morales
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