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sethia alastor
sethia alastor

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PostSubject: SETHIA ALASTOR   SETHIA ALASTOR I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 21, 2012 1:42 am


SETHIA ALASTOR 548127_250004341784579_1555000368_n
|Twenty| Vampire| Ravnos|

Basic Information;
Full Name: Sethia Alastor
Nicknames: Seth
Age: 20
Birth Date: March. 4th
Gender: Female
Race: White
Species: Vampire: Ravnos
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Met a few gods so they exist somewhere
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Place of Residence: New York, NY, Venice, Italy
Occupation: Runs her own private security company: Alastor-Ravana Securities

Hair: Blonde, short or long depending on her mood, pony tail or updo
Eyes: Baby blue
Build: Petite, roughly 5’4, athletic build.
Clothing&Style: Likes to mix and match outfits. Can go retro or modern chic. Has a new favorite color almost every week and a outfit to match.

+Any type of food
+Any type of drink, non-alcholic
+MMA fighting
+Her brother’s music
+Her sister’s books, especially those about herself
+Breaking into things


-Stuck up princesses

+ Animalism: a Discipline that brings the vampire closer to their animalistic nature. This not only allows them to communicate with and gain dominance over creatures of nature, but gives them influence over the Beast itself.
+ Fortitude: a Discipline that grants the vampire incredible resilience and the ability to resist fire and sunlight, the natural banes of the undead.
+ Chimerstry: the trademark Discipline of the Ravnos that conjures illusions into existence. Such phantom images are as real as the Cainite's skill allows, and will even fool technological sensors. While its origins are lost in myths and half-truths, it is assumed to have been developed by the Ravnos Antediluvian, and over the centuries has greatly contributed to the perception of Ravnos as tricksters and con artists.
+ Precision with daggers and bows and arrows
+Master hacker and lock picker

(Strength descriptions were copied from: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Ravnos)

-Constantly moving, doesn’t like to sit still for too long unless she is comfortable with the person

+Super hyper
-The cost of her powers becoming too much to bear

Parents' Marriage Status: Never Married
Mother: Florica Ravana
Father: Caine Alastor
Sibling: Lilith Alastor-Skotono
Sibling: Andilaveris Alastor
Relevant Family Member: Salacia van Humperding- Sired by Caine
Relevant Family Member: Florin Ravana- Sired by Florica
Spouse/ Significant Other: Its complicated
Children: none

SETHIA ALASTOR 479701_225538274231186_1340567874_n

Seth was a product of a power struggle between her maternal grandfather and her mother. Her father, being from a opposing coven, was chosen to, as her mother would put it “Piss your grandfather off royally.” Being a very dangerous man, Florica was forced to give up Seth into a trusted care giver until she could properly care for Seth. It was also a way to teach Caine the importance of family, as he was forced to ensure Seth was safe, something he had not done with his previous twin children.

Seth’s caregiver, which she had always thought was her mother, was hired to teach Seth basic survival skills in order to prepare her for any possible attacks from her grandfather. Seth also grew up believing that she was not a full vampire but a dhampire, as her caregiver was human.

During this time Seth developed a bad habit of breaking into places. Her father had given her a set of lock picks and she would test herself on the various buildings around there. Her father would even test her by sending her out on assignments to pick up something he would need. One of these assignments was into her real mother’s house, though Seth did not know it at the time.

During one of their training sessions Seth lost control of her powers and let the “Beast” take over and blacked out. She awoke to the sight of her caregiver, laying in a pool of blood, brutal murdered. Shortly after, while searching through the streets of Venice for some vampire to beat up, Seth ran into her half-sister Lilith, learning that her father had other children then herself.

After living with her sister for a while and learning about her new family and her full blooded heritage, she returned to Venice to complete her training by her real mother. Under the tutelage of her mother’s fledgling, Florin, Seth flourished becoming very adept in the various Ravnos disciplines. She still would break into places on occasion but started to enjoy an underground MMA league a group of vampires in Venice had started.

Eventually, Seth decided to use her expertise for good and with the help of her big bro Florin started her own business. Naming it after her two parents she attracted many clients and had a steady flow of traffic in and out of the office. She’ll still break into places, but a girls gotta keep her skills sharp right?
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