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 Cathlin Morgwyn

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Ruler of the Realm
Ruler of the Realm

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PostSubject: Cathlin Morgwyn   Cathlin Morgwyn I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 4:15 pm

Cathlin Morgwyn Charapp1

Cathlin Morgwyn Tumblr_lqiqckTD6a1qbkt23o1_500_zps95cb11ea

Cathlin Morgwyn Tumblr_mcb2ndsR6q1r0yw29o5_250_zps1921b2e6
Cathlin Morgwyn

Cathlin Morgwyn Reg
Name: Cathlin Morgwyn
Age: 225
Birthday: 12-16-1787
Current Status: Wandering

Cathlin Morgwyn Fam
Father: Aaron Valandario
Mother: Caroline Valandario
Children: None
Siblings: 6 younger sisters; Abigail, Delilah, Ellen, Janet, Naomi and Sarah

Cathlin Morgwyn App
Height: 5’8
Hair Colour: Ebony black
Eye Colour: A light grass green
Playby: Ruby Rose Langenheim

Cathlin Morgwyn Tumblr_mb12wrU4up1rbe0pro1_500_zpsbc465696

Cathlin Morgwyn Per

  • Blood
  • Magic
  • Solitude
  • The moon and stars
  • A good piece of art
  • Metal (the music)
  • Old weapons
  • Lightning storms
  • Alcohol
  • Guns
  • Tattoo’s and piercings
  • Traveling
  • Gambling
  • Violence
  • Fucking with people’s mind
  • Money
  • Fire
  • The smell of rain
  • Physically exhausting herself (and others)


  • Others
  • People stronger, faster, richer and more powerful than she is
  • Feelings
  • Stupidity
  • Playing nice
  • Sunlight
  • Being bothered
  • Baby anything. Humans, puppies, kittens, heck everything that’s baby nags.
  • Blood of sick, old or poor people. Foul people in her eyes.
  • Drama queens
  • Fags
  • Religion
  • Being broke

Cathlin Morgwyn Tumblr_mct7x9f9nh1qjb4jao1_500_zpsec766d50


  • Vampire speed and strength
  • Lightning magic
  • Quick healing
  • Knows her way with several weapons
  • Smart
  • Doesn’t truly have a conscience...


  • Sunlight
  • Holy objects, only effective when used by someone with Faith though
  • Bites of any kind of were animal are like poison to her


  • Playing with sharp things
  • Cleans her nails with a knife
  • Can’t leave nailpolish on cause she bites it off
  • Sucking on her fangs while thinking
  • Staring people down
  • Speaks her thoughts out loud.

General Personality: Unpleasant

Cathlin Morgwyn RubyRose2_zps3d8e6c37

Cathlin Morgwyn His

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Cathlin Morgwyn Akirasig

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Cathlin Morgwyn
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