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 Jhinté Barghess

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PostSubject: Jhinté Barghess   Jhinté Barghess I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 11:16 pm

Jhinté Barghess

Jhinté Barghess Benbarnesbiggathanben08

Basic Information;
Full Name: Jhinté Barghess Rackhir
Age: 700 years, give or take a few decades (looks mid/late 20s)
Gender: Male
Species: Half elf, half human
Occupation: Scholar, archeologist

Hair: Brown/black, straight, a bit above shoulder-length
Eyes: Blue/grey
Ears: Slightly pointy and lacking earlobes, befitting his half-elven blood
Build: Slender, healthy but not obviously muscular, 6'4"
Clothing&Style: Simple and comfortable clothing, mainly darker colors

Likes: Travelling/exploring, seeing/learning new things, tackling problems, flying
Dislikes: Impatience, those who push their values on others, fights, being stuck somewhere, loud noises
Strengths: Good knowledge about different kinds of magic, worldly knowledge, analytical mind, elemental master of Air
Habits/quirks: Easily fascinated or captivated by things, never stays in one place for long

Mother: Mydea Rackhir (status unknown)
Father: Naxos Barghess (deceased)
Relevant Family Member: Akira Amon Rackhir (uncle)

Jhinté was born on the remote plains of China in the 13th century, after an unlikely meeting.
His mother, Mydea Rackhir, was one of the princesses of the hidden Elven kingdom of Sowelu on the Tibetan Plateau. She had fled to the human lands after her uncle, Aiden Maeral Rackhir, had killed her father and usurped the throne.
His father, Naxos Barghess, was a European merchant. He had fled to Asia for a new start after war and pestilence had ravaged his family and country.
Both had a long past holding them down, but no more future. And so they found each other.

The half-elven boy grew up well loved and without trouble, although old age took his father before Jhinté could even remember his face. Such is the fate of a human among those of elven blood.
The boy and his mother stayed in the same place for a while longer, but eventually headed into the wide world. Disguised as pilgrims, they started travelling.

When Jhinté was old enough, he went his own way, and continued travelling around as a humble merchant. He brought around spices and jewelry from the east, fur and skins from the north, food from the west... Never specializing in any one kind, but carrying whatever would give him the most profit or the most interesting journey. His favorite goods, however, were manuscripts.

After the cities united and trade had become corporatized, Jhinté left behind his merchant ways and went for more scholarly pursues. He joined several universities and institutions that covertly focussed on the research of magic. They happily let him in, for they did not mind his mixed blood, and he had supplied them with troves of knowledge from his travels in the past.
He read grimoires and learned from masters of magic and alchemy, and while he learned about the magics of the world, he turned out to have a knack for the magic of Air.
After he mastered this, he learned about an even greater mastery. The Elemental stones, sources of pure magic that could match the power of the Great Work. After many perilous journeys, he eventually found and obtained the Air Element, and became the Elemental Lord of Air.

Even now he pursues his interests as an archeologist. When he is not teaching (which he is not fond of, and does as little as possible) or visiting the Fairy Court of England, he travels around the world searching for ancient magics, artifacts and kingdoms long lost.
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Jhinté Barghess
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