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 Kurai Kyuuseishu

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PostSubject: Kurai Kyuuseishu   Kurai Kyuuseishu I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 6:29 pm

Kurai Kyuuseishu

Kurai Kyuuseishu Kame_by_Morinoki
|22 years|Japanese|Half Demon|

Basic Information;
Full Name: Kurai Kyuuseishu
Nicknames: None.
Age: 22 and looks it
Birth Date: {02/20/1990}
Gender: Male
Race: Asian
Species: Half Demon
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Gods just create problems
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Place of Residence: You don’t need to know.
Occupation: Assassin

Hair: Black, silky
Eyes: Violet
Build: Lean with a little bit of muscles. 6’2 180 lbs.
Clothing&Style: Whatever is needed for the job. Comfortable wearing just jeans and a t-shirt.

Kurai doesn’t put much into personal appearance. He will go for more comfort and functionality over fashion. Most of his work, finds him wearing dark clothes to blend in with the night. He’s especially fond of things that don’t show blood and are easy maintenance. This doesn’t mean he won’t dress to impress when the job requires it. He has no issues stepping out of what one would consider normal by most standards if his job calls for it. He grew up in the Japanese fashion wearing what was expected of him by his parents. As he grew older he found what worked for him ignoring societal norms in some cases. His unique eyes get him in a lot of doors that might be closed to him on a normal basis. He uses his good looks to his advantage whenever he can.

Kurai Kyuuseishu Assassin_by_pink_kafka

Likes: Relaxing outside listening to the rain, the feel of the one he loves close by
Dislikes: Demons, anything pure evil, bunnies (Don’t ask)
Strengths: Extremely loyal, protective of the ones he loves especially his family, has good control of his temper, wonderful memory
Weaknesses: Thinks there’s good in everyone, assumes he can fix any situation, tends to run into bad situations blindly, his siblings
Habits: Constantly checking on his siblings
Quirks: Tilts head when thinking hard.
Dreams: To have a family and home of his own someday
Fears: His job causing backlash towards his family

Kurai is quiet and keeps his dreams and fears to himself. He prides himself on being efficient and good at his work. His family is probably the most important thing to him and he worries often that his employers might use them against him if he fails them. Kurai does everything he can to keep them out of his life in that respect. It never fails that you find him on his phone checking on his family and siblings. The money he makes off his work mostly goes back to them, to take care of them and make sure they have what they need. He submerges himself in his work. He uses it as a buffer against his fear and in a way running from his dreams. He would love to have a family and home of his own someday, but he worries that it would be something else that his employer would use for leverage.
Kurai tries never to get on a personal level with his assignments, yet is meticulous in details. He has a great memory and is a quick study. It makes it very easy for him to get in and out of places or follow a target. He is well versed in many fighting styles, making him versatile and almost indispensable to his employers.

Parents' Marriage Status:Married
Mother:Haha Kyuuseishu, deceased
Father: Chichi Kyuuseishu , deceased
Sibling: Hikari (second eldest)
Sibling: -----
Relevant Family Member: -----
Relevant Family Member: -----
Spouse/ Significant Other: -----
Children: -----

He was born in to a huge family, the eldest son. His family was far from rich and did their best to raise him and his seven siblings. Kurai had always been responsible even from a young age. He began working and training in the local temple, which his father was the caretaker of, to help support his family. His life changed drastically when he turned ten. He had just finished his training for the day and was working outside in the temple yard. Unknown to him, his ability to learn fighting styles and his sharp mind had brought him to the local assassin’s guilds attention. As he worked in the yard, four very fast and powerful men took him. Despite is innate ability with fighting they easily over powered the young boy. From that day forward still trained, but the assassin guild added deadlier skills to his training.
Being a natural fighter he quickly soared through the ranks of the guild. He rarely saw his family, but was given updates by the guild master. He feared for them and trained harder so that they would never have a reason to harm them. As he grew older, he began to notice more and more about the guild that troubled him. Demons were a common thing inside the guild. Kurai avoided them as much as possible. When he turned thirteen that would become an impossible feat. The guild leaders bound a demon inside his young body through a contract. The demon gave Kurai extra speed and strength. He hated the situation more than anything else he’d been through in his life. Everything the demon gave him wasn’t a plus. Do to a flaw during the binding process if he was around magic, it would knock him out or at the least drain him depending on the amount of magic.
As he grew older, he found a way to alter the terms of the contract. The demon was now obliged to help him get his family free of the assassin’s guild. The only trade off was Kurai had to deliver a hundred pure souls to the demon before his family would be safe. Things began to change for him when he took what appeared to be an easy job. Take out another assassin. An assassin that he’d been told was cold, cruel and killed for nothing but the pure joy of killing. This was a job that he found he didn’t mind doing. Removing an evil from the world would be easy enough for him.
The person he found wasn’t what he expected in the least. She was an assassin, she had done horrible things, but there was more to her then that. He broke one of his rules and grew close to her. Determined to save her, he faked her death and helped relocate her to some place she’d never been. Giving her a new life and making himself part of it. She vowed to help him find his family and get them to safety, which didn’t work out quite as planned. His brothers and sisters were gotten out safely but he lost his parents in the battle.
Together they found a safe home for his sibling and set about making their own life. The demon was a constant problem and he hid it as much as possible from her. The demon became determined to cause him issues and he ended up telling her about his issue. Once again they banded together and found a way out of the problem. The demon was free from Kurai’s body, but the years together had left his body changed. He’d effectively become a half demon, with many of the demon’s powers. The demon, not pleased with the after effects, set about making life hard for them and it eventually tore them apart. He continues to think about her, considering her his soul mate, cursing the demon every chance he has.
Now he continues his work as an assassin, but sets his own rules and chooses which jobs he takes. He travels all over the world, but always comes back home to check on what’s left of his family and make sure they’re well cared for and want for nothing.
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Kurai Kyuuseishu
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