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 Kindle Jenson

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PostSubject: Kindle Jenson   Kindle Jenson I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2012 3:50 pm

Kindle "Ken" Jenson

Kindle Jenson Vampire-diaries-nylon-16

|Two Hundred and Four| White| | Lust Demon|

Basic Information
Full Name: Kindle "Ken" Jenson
Nicknames: Ken, or Jen if you're trying to piss him off.
Age: Two Hundred and Four but he's truly always looked like he was about 22.
Birth Date:
Gender: Doesn't have a real gender, but has male parts.
Race: Appears white.
Species: Demon, specifically lusty type.
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: As a demon, Kindle prays to Lucifer himself.
Place of Birth: Technically in hell, but specifically in the U.S., Michigan.
Place of Residence: Now Kindle lives in New York City, U.S.
Occupation: Kindle is the owner of a bar, procured to him in rather nefarious ways. Despite owning the place, he likes to work weekends as one of the bartenders.

Hair: His hair is dark black, and short. Usually perfectly kept and brushed.
Eyes: His eyes are an unnatural icy blue, and are one of his main devilish good looks. Girls fall into these icy pools and nearly drown at the thought of getting to permanently look into them.
Build: Being a lust demon means having a perfect body. Kindle is lean and well-toned, his stomach flat and buns tight. He has a model body, though it isn't overly feminine like some male models can get.
Clothing&Style: Working at a night club means a flashy sort of style developed for Kindle. His jeans fit right to his frame though her usually wore darker toned colors, like dark red or blue. Never yellow or orange, and brown was usually out as well. He kept his hair done and his sneakers clean, and as looks went reached more towards the dark and dangerous side.
    Over all Kindle has a very dark but alluring appearance. He almost comes off as vampire at first because of his style but still has a bit sharper sense to him. He wouldn't wear anything to make him stand out, or even be caught dead wearing a t-shirt with a funny saying. He is serious usually to a point and this
    quality also comes out in his clothing. It is laid-back and not so stiff though it would be easy to tell from what he was wearing that there was a little more than meets the eye to his personality. He isn't a fan of winter coats, or any coat for that matter and thus likes hoodies and sweatshirts over the latter.
    Shoes are usally sneakers or slip-ons, but never dress shoes. His socks are black, and his choice of boxers are black and his taste in clothing and style would also show in his home. HIs household items are sheek and slim, not dark and gloomy and that is one of the main differences in him. He isn't gothic or
    too gloomy but is definently playing for the dark side. It's easy to see and he is not hard to miss.
+Kindle loves to drink and has even been known to get into a few 'party favors' if you catch my drift.
+He is a lover of women and has an insatiable sex drive for both men and women.
+Kindle likes to fight also, he isn't short tempered of anything but a good fight really gets him into the right mood.
+Being social is a general like of his, and is always in the thick of something somewhere, usually his club/bar.
+Kindle doesn't like people who are overly righteous or flat out goody goodies.
+Religion is something he doesn't like obviously, specifically Christianity.
+He doesn't like being lied to in spite of the ridiculous amount of lying he himself does.
+Kindle isn't a big fan of churches, or political debates and feels that kind of work is really for the other demons.
+Stuck-up women, Ditzy broads and gold diggers are some of his less favorable kinds of women and are at the bottom of his list.
+Speaking, talking and listening are all strong traits with Kindle.
+Charm is another big role in the way he operates.
+For a demon as young as he is, he is strong and quick though in his defense you don't have to overly be to deal with women.
Aside from making one hell of a drink, Kindle it's particularly good at mixing things and spacial cognition.
+Usually a man's greatest weakness is also one of his strengths, and this also reigns true with a demon. Women have a sickly sweet spot on him and while he is best at manipulating them he could also be used just the same by a strong-minded one.
+Kindle's specific kind of demon is weakened by characters with incredibly focused and determined personalities. These people generally don't give in as easily.
+Kindle has a bad habit of following his gut, even for a Lust Demon. He can easily be lulled or angered into a situation he might later regret.
+Little fact: He bites his nails, a lot. He's often seen with bloody or jagged nails, though not to a terrifying point.
+Kindle has a soft spot for red-heads and what he likes to call, "girls with daddy issues".
+Despite being financially set he likes to work nights bar tending in his bar.
+Kindle has only murdered about 23 women in his current lifespan, and I know it sounds like a lot but for a demon it is actually quite low. The reason being he likes to take his time, and does emotional damage to women like you wouldn't believe.
Dreams: Kindle's dreams are usually explicit and bloody, but his ultimate dream would be to simply grow in power. Demons live to be quite old if their power is kept up, and something like lust can be gained in all sorts of ways. A little side project would be to find someone as evil and sadistic as he was to join him, but he doubts such a person is around.
Fears: I think any demon not in hell fears ever having to go back, and so does Kindle. Also, dying if that is even TRULY possible would be a fear of his.
    Kindle is very, very big of passion. Lust or desire is his main drive and wether that causes the person pleasure or pain is up to fate.
    His target is women, and thus has been endowed with the appropriate appearance. He is vain, stuck up and even a bit of a priss at times.
    He is a demon though which means he has killed. A twisted, lust filled mind drives his thoughts and misfortune is usually experienced around him. Going back to hell terrifies him because the demon women in hell are untouchable. Around other males he's hostile and overly competitive, like any man following his lower members ideas and motives. Under all his murderous, trickster, desperado ways there is a small demonic hint of something awful that could be connected to another awful person. He is most likely to kill a women more innocent and helpless and torture or befriend someone more powerful and strong-minded. He is agreeable only in that you are agreeing with him, though isn't cold and stiff. His appearance is almost welcoming but that is usually never the case. A strong and fast fighter he is a monster of passion, crime and murder. He acts on instinct like a rabid werewolf on the hunt but has the alluring gaze and speech of a vampire. Demon in nature he is oepn to killing for pleasure and often does so. Remorse is seen from him but depending on the person and crime.
Parents' Marriage Status: Single
Mother: A demoness named Alkir'ee Jenson
Father: A demon named Edward Tuskit
Sibling: None
Sibling: None
Relevant Family Member: None
Relevant Family Member: None
Spouse/ Significant Other: None
Children: None
    Kindle has lived all over the U.S. though he started off in Michigan. How he got there is a different story, but for now let's talk about his parents and life back in Hell.
    Hell, depending on your plane, was horrible. But great for a demon. Kindle's parents were both demons and were charged with some pretty violent and sexual tasks. When they were humans
    his father has murdered his wife for cheating on him and his mother was killed, but worked her whole life as a prostitue before. In hell they were tasked to punish those who had commited the same kinds, and eventually he was born. New demons were sometimes sent to Earth, and it was obvious even in Hell that his talents would be more usefull on Earth. He came to be over two hundred years ago and has since then commited many evil deeds. Broken hearts, and literal broken hearts litter his past and as the times changed and modernized into what we know today, his craft honed. Presently Kindle lives alone above his bar, and sometimes works as bartender there himself.He's met a wide arrange of people for his current age and is no foo to how humans act. He is very persuasive and can get away with almost anything. He doesn't hear from his demon parents and is even almost afraid of going back to hell. Earth has been to kind to him, and if he were to be torn from the malicious havoc he was reaping he would
    be very, very upset. He's learned over the years to play it slow, and really commit to everything he does. He wears a mask over his true intentions and is drawn to the innocent and helpless. A real, strong creature of the female kind could catch his eye though he'd never stop killing or his manipulative ways. That isn't to say he couldn't have a friend or partner though. He is strong and quick, a fast learner and devilish being. He likes drinking, sex, drugs on occasion and anything else a wild, passinate, lustful heart would not openly desire. He can be selfish and sounds like a real chore to handle, but is humorous and amazing ways could be harnessed as an asset to whoever could put
    up with him. Kindle currently lives in NYC and has no siblings or children, yet. Muahahaha.

Songs: Trouble is a Friend - Lenka
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Kindle Jenson
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