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 Annaliese Bosch

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PostSubject: Annaliese Bosch    Annaliese Bosch  I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2012 3:12 am

Basic Information;
Full Name: Annaliese Bosch
Nicknames: Anna, Annie, and many aliases over the years
Age: Appears 23-25 is actually 684
Birth Date: March 12, 1328
Gender: Female
Race: White
Species: Immortal
Sexuality: Bi
Religion: Has no religion
Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany
Occupation: Thief

Hair: Brown and naturally wavy, has been many colors over the years, currently black
Eyes: Olive Green
Build: 5’ 10” Athletic yet slim and model like
Clothing&Style: Anna is kind of a wild child when it comes to fashion. She loves couture fashions but doesn’t like the price. She steals what she needs. The five finger discount has been her credit of choice for centuries.

+Anything free

-Paying for things
-Restrictions of any kinds
-Regular Jobs

+Sword fighting skills
+Skills as a thief

-Soft hearted

Habits/quirks: Steals almost as if it’s a case of OCD

To survive the “game” as long as possible and perhaps steal a small fortune in the process

Fears: Death and losing her skills

There’s not a lot to say about Anna. She’s fiery, impulsive, beautiful, confident and reckless. She loves with her whole heart and she fights with it as well. When she’s a friend, she’s a friend for life, but cross her and your life will be much shorter. Most people don’t get to stay around her long enough to really get a feel for her personality, but you can guarantee, the real her, isn’t the first on you meet.

Parents' Marriage Status: Married
Mother: Joan Bosch
Father: Armin Bosch
Sibling: Emmi Bosch

Anna was born into a normal household in Frankfurt in 1328. She was the oldest of the Bosch’s two daughters. They were a poor family, like many of the time. Life was fairly simple for the two Bosch girls. They were schooled at home so that they could spend more time helping around the family business. Their father was a baker and their mother worked the shop while he made the food. Anna had no love for the life of a baker and dreamed of something greater. She was often found in the late afternoon sitting in the downtown square, watching the rich people in their finery go by as she sat on the edge of the fountain.

Anna was a pretty, young girl and many of the boys in their class offered dowries for her hand, but Anna would have none of it. She would marry someone who could get her out of this downtrodden life. That was until the black death finally reached them in 1350. Anna’s mother died first as her daughters tried to calm a raging fever. None of them were allowed to leave the house. Their father had resigned himself to die. He refused to eat or to talk. When Joan died, it took the last of his will to live and the girls found him dead the next morning. Anna tried to take care of Emmi, but she just couldn’t do it. Not without food and clean water. They were quarantined in a house with two dead bodies and were trying to live in their bedroom away from the smell and the disease. Anna could take it no longer, they needed food and clean water.

Sneaking out late at night, Anna tried to make her way to her fathers bakery. She had just come out when a guard yelled. Terrified the girl ran, arm full of baking supplies. The guard chased her on horseback, quickly catching her and knocking her down with the heel of his boot to her head. She landed hard, cracking her head against the pebble road. The guard beat her so badly she could barely walk. Her pleading him to stop simply made him angrier and he ran his sword through her chest, leading to her first death.

Left in the street for dead, Anna awoke confused hours later. The food she’d gathered still laid in the street. Finding the wound healed she ran home to Emmi with all the food that was still fit to use. It was too late. The girl had succumbed to the fever. Anna cared for her until she died. Knowing that being found on the streets would find her dead again, she snuck out and set the house on fire, letting it be her families funeral prier.

Having no skills almost to speak of, Anna began to steal things to survive. She had a natural aptitude for it. Making her way across the country doing this she soon found herself stealing from someone she’d never forget. Her mentor. It had been ten years since she'd left Frankfurt and time found her in Venice.

The place look deserted. The windows were all dark, there was no hint of any light at all. No sign or indication of a live person inside the walls of the art museum at all. Why would an art gallery in Venice be closed this early in the eve? The draw was just too tempting for her. She slipped on down the street, her grey cotton dress rustling behind her. Anna had bought a spot in a barn to stay the night. Climbing into the loft she changed out of her dress in a man's shirt and breeches. She let the night settle and when everything outside the barn was silent, she headed back to the gallery.

The doors were easy to pick. There was no bell on the door. Slipping inside and closing the door behind her, she feel a strange sensation. Like a buzz or a tingle along her skin, frowning she turned trying to figure out what was wrong. The moment she turned she thought it would be her last. He was tall, very Italian and very mad. The sword he held to her throat shone in the street lamp light and looked very sharp. She started to apologize but he lifted his hand and motioned her on into the shop. Anna was terrified, he was going to kill her for sure.

He guided her with pokes from the sword till she stepped through a curtain into a softly lit living area. The man tossed his sword on the table and gave her a grand bow. He introduced him self as Elario Rossi. Anna was confused and grew even more confused when he began asking her about her death and how she'd been protecting herself. She told him she had no idea what he meant, she knew nothing about a "game" and just want to get some money for food. If life hadn't already taken a drastic turn, it was certainly taking one now and could never go back to being simple.

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Annaliese Bosch
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