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 April Melanie Campbell

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PostSubject: April Melanie Campbell   April Melanie Campbell I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 20, 2012 8:52 pm

April Melanie Campbell Charapp1

April Melanie Campbell Tumblr_m7bu19cxMA1ruk82io1_500
April Melanie Campbell

April Melanie Campbell Reg
Name: April Melanie Campbell
Age: 21
Birthday: 10/20/1987
Prior Occupation: Student
Current Status: Searching
Level of Education: High school

April Melanie Campbell Fam
Father: Mitchel Campbell
Mother: Adrianne Campbell
Children: none
Siblings: none

April Melanie Campbell App
Height: 5’7
Hair Colour: Right now it’s pink and black
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Rebecca Rexx Crow aka Katherina Suicide

April Melanie Campbell Per
Likes and Dislikes:
  • Drawing
  • Being used as vampire food
  • Pain
  • Nature
  • Silence
  • Music with actual meaning or emotion to it
  • Learning new things
  • Candy and ice cream (she doesn’t get to eat it a lot)
  • Clothes, makeup and shoes. (She’s poor and doesn’t get a lot of new stuff, so she enjoys making new clothes out of her ragged and torn ones)
  • Art
  • Rain (good thing she moved to London then)
  • Spiders, bugs and reptiles
  • Everything that numbs her mind and body
  • Animals


  • Her life
  • Her mother
  • Injustice
  • People who abuse power
  • Creepy old men
  • Crowds
  • Sexual abuse
  • People who stick their nose into her business
  • People with no depth but who pretend to have
  • Emo’s
  • Modern music

Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • A strong will
  • Survivor
  • High pain threshold
  • Not easy to quit or give up
  • Has a caring heart


  • Emotional unstable
  • Vampire junky
  • Human
  • Secluded
  • Very introvert
  • Stuffs up all of her troubles and never shares it with anybody
  • Too paranoid to let somebody close
  • Pushes people away from her
  • Addicted to pain

General Personality: April is a sweet girl, though troubled. Life hasn’t been friendly to her and still isn’t; much in fact, it has been completely fucked up. As far back as her memories go she has been abused and beaten and has never known any form of love or affection that has been real. This results in a girl who is rather introvert, with walls thicker than the Great wall of China is long. April likes to spend her days surrounded by nature, getting lost in drawing; which seems the only thing she seems capable of finding peace in. She’ll stay away from her home for as long as she can, though her feeling of responsibility for her alcoholic and uncaring mother always carry her home against her will. She doesn’t like her mother or any of the stuff she does to her, but she is her mother and does love her, strange as that might sound.

Because of her past, it has become April’s second nature to be suspicious of others. She never trusts anybody, doesn’t believe there is one good person in this world whose intentions are as pure as they say. And whenever someone does try to help her, paranoia quickly takes over. It makes her rather emotionally unstable, even though she tries to hide it from the world. But there are those rare occasions when she loses the control she has over her emotions. Paranoia, anger, sadness, panic attacks, all of those stuffed up emotions coming out at once.

To the world April is that loving and caring girl. Introvert and not talking a lot (unless it is something that interests her, which frankly isn’t all that much), possibly rather shy. She’ll just do whatever sucky job she has without complaining, afraid to let anybody get too close out of fear she’ll just be abused or beaten again.

Because of the need to always having to look over her shoulder, combined with her drawing, April developed an eye for detail that would make a lot of vampires jealous. She is truly intelligent, though because of her personal troubles that never got any chance to develop. Much in fact, her grades in school always had been low because of this; making her believe she’s dumb. She has a low self-esteem, not seeing how anybody could find her pretty or attractive (a result from all the abuse, really). The girl hides behind gothic, punk, rocker (whatever you want to call it) clothes, dyed hair and lots of piercings and tattoo’s. It makes her different, makes her a freak and makes most people leave her alone.

There is one thing April is seriously addicted to, and it’s a rather unhealthy addiction at that. The girl is a fangbanger. A human who kicks on getting fucked by vampires and serve as their food. It’s the idea of dying every time that makes her walk into a bar that’s almost a salvation to her. Being glamoured by vampire powers, drained from her blood until she nearly passes out and rough sex that make her forget all of her troubles, concerns and trauma’s, even who she is. Yes, nearly dying makes her feel more alive than living her actual live does.

April Melanie Campbell His

April was born in a small town in Maryland, USA. Westminster. It was a back country town, simple lives for simple folks without a lot of money. As any normal person, April doesn’t remember a lot about the first few years of her life, but the memories she started out with weren’t any happy ones. They were memories about how her father used to sneak into her tiny little room in the trailer they lived in, crawled into bed with her and forced her to put her hand into his pants. Memories that got cast out of her mind to her best effort, but the abuse that happened every night in secret is something that returns to her dreams every day. It lasted for years, and her mother knew and did nothing about it. Instead the woman who was supposed to support her hit the bottle, drowning out what this man did to the girl, blinding herself from it.

April was sent to school in dirty clothes. Forced to take care for herself day after day because her mother was too drunk to get up before noon. Her father always left early to make them money; which wasn’t spent on food, clean or new clothes or anything else a child may need. No, it was spent on alcohol and whores. He left the early morning and came back late at night when her mother already passed out on the couch and he could simply walk into April’s room to do whatever he pleased with the girl.
April was in her last year of middle school when she got her first boyfriend. He was amazing at first, loving, caring, giving her everything she needed. Of course, the 14 year old girl was naive and craving for love of some sorts. So she never could see coming what happened. Her ten year older boyfriend asked her to have sex with one of his friends to pay off a debt. At first she didn’t want to do it, of course, but he persuade her. And that’s how it started. Cutting her off from her parents wasn’t that hard (there was never a bond to start with of course) and two months later April found herself in a world of prostitution. She started drinking and smoking weed to numb the pain that now not only her parents caused her, but her boyfriend and the strangers she was forced to have sex with as well. Drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, and the rare times she was alone she started to draw. Throwing her heart onto paper, making drawings that were so gruesome people who accidently saw them had trouble believing this little girl made them.

When she was sixteen, the blonde girl she once was had vanished. Her clothing had became dark, she started to dye her hair and got tattoo’s and piercings. Her free nights were spent in bars, and it was by accident that she one day walked into what she thought was a gothic bar. Turned out it was far from that. She learned the hard way vampires were more than just a myth and she barely survived her first visit there. Drained from her blood, used as food and out of it for days. Of course, she returned. The thrills she got from the pain and almost dying made her feel more alive than she ever had. It was about a month in before one of the vampire’s claimed her as his pet. Protection in trade for blood and sex and it was fine by her. At first. Little did she know the vampire would slaughter everybody that hurt her. A few of the men who raped her at first (he claimed he could smell them on her and that she was his), her loverboy after that and finally... her own father. His possessive behavior became worse and worse, up until the point where he literally collared and chained the girl, refusing to let her go. It drove April to madness being trapped as she was, and finally on one day she broke the leg of a chair and staked the vampire.

After months of being away from home she returned, only to find her mother in the exact state she had left her in. Drunk and miserable. For three years this continued, three years in which April’s life became a continuous stream of having shitty jobs when she got out of school, visiting vampire bars in her free hours and getting her ass beaten by her mother. She spent more nights sleeping on a bench outside than she can count; until one day she got awoken by her mother in the middle of the night. In one of her frenzies the woman had sold their trailer and told her daughter they were moving away from America. Away from their demons and they would start a new life together in Europe. It seemed too good to be true, and it was.

They indeed moved to Europe from the money her mother had gotten for the trailer. But it took only days before things went back to the way they were. Living in a trailer with her mother being either drunk or K.O. Only this time without a job, unfamiliar people around them and in a city she didn’t know anything about.

Template by Chele of RPG-D

Side note; For anyone who is interested in pictures of her tattoo's, pm me. Though prepare because they are nudey pictures.


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April Melanie Campbell
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