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 Logan Walker

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PostSubject: Logan Walker   Logan Walker I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 1:15 pm

Logan Walker

Logan Walker Arachnofaebia

|Unknown| Ifrit| White|

NAME: Logan Walker

AGE: Unknown, possibly since the beginning of time

STATUS: Single

RESIDENCE: Currently New York City, USA

OCCUPATION: Doesn’t work, usually gets the money he needs through trickery

Logan Walker Physical

RACE: Ifrit

EYES: A light blue; when there shines a lot of light on it they glow silver

HAIR: Short, a dark blonde and curly


HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6' 3¼ and 176 lb

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Tattoo 1, tattoo 2

STYLE: Simple and easy and preferably the first thing he finds in his messy closet. Jeans, a plain shirt, dress shirts. All dark colors, and he will almost always be found wearing his ragged black leather jacket.

    There was something about that man that walked into the bar the other night. At first glance, there was nothing special to him. Scruffy, tall and handsome yes, but maybe even a bit neglected. Almost as if he just doesn’t care how he looks; his clothes torn, the jacket he wears ragged. But still... there is a mysterious aura around that strange man that draws you near. Something you can’t quite place your finger on. Are it those magnificent blue eyes? Or the nonchalant carelessness that clings to him when he steps into the bar? Everything inside of you is screaming not to mess with this man. To stay away, a bad-boy, bad news. Still you can’t help yourself, you must near him, must try and decide what it is that makes this man so attractive. In a low and calm voice he introduces himself as ‘Logan’. And even after an entire night of talking, hot and untamed sex (after which he shall never call you again, which he just plainly admits), you still have no idea WHAT it is what drew you towards this man in the first place...

    Logan Walker LostGirlseason2e05

Logan Walker Personality1a

    First off, Logan is an Ifrit, and with being that, come certain abilities;

  • Ifrit form

  • Supernatural strength/speed/senses

  • Shape shifting abilities; one of his Ifrit powers. Logan can change into everything he has learned to change into over the years; humans, animals, but even trees or stones. The shifting ability comes with a price though (see weaknesses)

  • Fire powers; Another Ifrit power, a smokeless flame is in fact his essence as an Ifrit

  • The barrier between worlds is thin for him; this means he can mess with the astral plain of which people are unaware. It basically means he can influence thoughts by ‘whispering’ into somebody’s ear from the astral plain or create nightmares while someone is asleep (this also comes with certain risks, see weaknesses)

  • Can possess a human for a short amount of time

    There are certain weaknesses that can either kill or harm an Ifrit as a species, and several that come with the risk of using his powers.

  • Ifrit are weak to silver and lamb’s blood. Separately these will severely weaken him, a silver blade dipped in lamb’s blood with kill him; no matter where the blow lands

  • The shape shifting ability is hard to learn. It takes a magical ritual that can only be done on a moonless night. The ritual drains the user of his power and lasts for three days in which Logan can learn how to take new forms. A complicated life form as a human takes the full three days to obtain. Animals take two days to learn, trees, stones etc take only a day. During the ritual he can’t transform into his Ifrit form and his strength isn’t above that of the average human. Also, if he spends too long in a certain form he risks becoming this form. Lets say he turns into stone for fifty years it will take him at least two weeks to shatter all the stone of his skin and be able to freely move again. If he stays in a human form that is not his own; he might get some serious identical crisis. When he shifts into something; he is bound to the physical laws of this form; a human means no abnormal strength, stones can’t walk and birds can fly, etc.

  • Whenever he works in the astral plain, he needs a part of his power to travel and operate from there. Depending on what he does there (influence someone’s thoughts takes less energy than create a nightmare), he needs more energy put into it. The more energy he puts in the astral plane, the weaker he becomes on the earthly one.


  • Is unable to take advice from anyone because he thinks that they know it all
  • Walks in the middle of any aisle, sidewalk, or other shared walkway causing people to have to move around him
  • Coming late

    It is always hard to say why Logan does what he does. At first he seems to be without a true purpose. A lost soul without any hobbies or anything to do; nothing less is true though (see history for more brief explanation). It is his goal in life to get the earthly plains to their original owners; the Djinn. It is his goal in his long, long, immortal life to erase humans; drive them either into slavery or simply to destroy them all. Point with being alive as long as he has; is that nothing that he does has a hurry to it. Patience is one of his greatest personality traits, and even being evil and fire in essence; Logan isn’t one to lose his temper and become aggressive quickly.

    He is well adapted to the human world and functions well in it. With powers as his it is so easy to get enough money to survive (money which he mostly spends on gas for his bike) without actually working. Humans are plain and simple creatures to him; made to adore him or die. Easy right?

    Other than that there isn’t truly a lot to say about him. Logan feeds of adoration, and will use his mysterious charisma to get what he wants, when he wants it. The only thing he cares for or respects would be himself, the process of hurting others? He couldn’t care less since he doesn’t really feel the way humans do. In fact, he doesn’t feel all that much, and the things he does come more from his Djinn side than it being actual emotions. Unpredictable, seemingly laid-back and unreadable. One day he is your friend; next day he will stab you in the back.
Logan Walker Biography

BIRTH PLACE: Earth, countless of years ago

CHARACTER HISTORY: An ancient Arabian legend says that God made humans from mud and clay, angels from light, and djinn from smokeless fire. In the western world, many people readily accept the idea of angels and demons, but most have no knowledge of the djinn, called “God’s other people.”

According to legend, the djinn were the first inhabitants of this world, where they lived for thousands of years before humanity arrived. In order to make room for humans, angels took the djinn out of this world and placed them in a dimension that parallels our own. There they stay hidden from view. They have the ability to see and interact with us, but we have difficulty seeing them. They are cloaked in mystery, and it suits their covert purpose.

The goal of most djinn is to retake this world, which they feel rightfully belongs to them. In order to succeed, they must make humanity give up stewardship of this reality. They are accomplishing this by stealth and disguise. They have great powers and plenty of time, for they live for centuries.

But lately, there has been a corruption between the layers of the worlds. Where this is because of the increasing magical activity on earth, or perhaps even the long foreseen doomsday, nobody knows. But one thing is for sure; the Djinn are returning to the plains of humans. And so does Logan.

Quote :

The jinn (Arabic: جن‎ ǧinn, singular جني ǧinnī; also spelled djinn), or genies, are supernatural spirits mentioned in the Quran and Islamic mythology who inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Together, the jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of God. The Quran mentions that the jinn are made of a smokeless and "scorching fire",[1] and they have the physical property of weight.[2] Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent.[3]
The jinn are mentioned frequently in the Quran, and the 72nd sura of the Quran is entitled Sūrat al-Jinn.

Ifrit—also spelled, efreet, ifreet, afreet, afrite, and afrit (Arabic: ʻIfrīt: عفريت, pl ʻAfārīt: عفاريت)—are supernatural creatures in Arabic and Islamic cultures. They are in a class of infernal Jinn (supernatural creature) noted for their strength and cunning. An ifrit is an enormous winged creature of fire, either male or female, who lives underground and frequents ruins. Ifrits live in a society structured along ancient Arab tribal lines, complete with kings, tribes, and clans. They generally marry one another, but they can also marry humans. While ordinary weapons and forces have no power over them, they are susceptible to magic, which humans can use to kill them or to capture and enslave them. As with the jinn, an ifrit may be either a believer or an unbeliever, good or evil, but he is most often depicted as a wicked and ruthless being.

Logan Walker 251638697899273579_kNGPyxFW_b


Logan Walker Akirasig

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Logan Walker
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